Foreign visitors flocking to Australia


* How many foreign tourists came here?

Overall numbers jumped nine per cent to a record 7.


9 million in the year to June.

* How much did they spend?

A record $40.6 billion, up seven per cent. Chinese visitors splashed the most cash, $9.8b. Tourists spent almost half their money before arriving on items including accommodation, transport, tours, food, drink and entertainment.

* Which countries were most from?

New Zealand pipped China to remain Australia’s biggest source of international tourists, 1.23m compared to 1.16m. However America posted the strongest growth, up 14 per cent to a record 706,000. There was also strong growth from India, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany and the Netherlands.

* Why did they come?

Mainly to holiday and visit family and friends. Holidaymakers accounted for half all international tourist arrivals and they spent $16.7m. Education was a key reason to visit for 550,000 international visitors, who spent $11b.

* Where did they go?

NSW was the top destination, with foreign numbers leaping 10 per cent to four million. Victoria was next with 2.8m followed by Queensland with 2.7m. The ACT was the least popular destination with just 221,000 foreign visitors.

* What did they spend on?

Accommodation, food and drink topped the list, with $12.3b, followed by $4.6b on package tours and $3.8m on shopping. About $5.7b was spent on education fees and $1.6b on local transport.


* NZ: 1.23 million tourists spent $2.7 billion

* China: 1.16m spent $9.8b

* US: 706,000 spent $3.8b

* UK: 682,000 spent $3.5b

* Japan: 391,000 spent $1.8b

* Singapore: 385,000 spent $1.5b

* Malaysia: 359,000 spent $1.3b

* Korea: 269,000 spent $1.5b

* India: 261,000 spent $1.4b

* Germany: 202,000 spent $1.2b

* Other countries: 2.2m spent $12.2b

* Total: 7.9 million tourists spent $40.6 billion

(Source: International Visitor Survey, Tourism Research Australia)